Friday, April 1, 2016

The Struggle is Real

Day 2 of 100

I spent last night alone, in the dark, drinking sleepy time tea, sedating myself to sleep, chanting over and over, it is only 3 months.

it is only three month, 100 days

it is only three month, 100 days, 14 weeks

I even calculated the hours, the minutes, the percentage of those hours and minutes against my average life span. I did a lot of math last night.

I also watched a BBC special about Faberge eggs. It was fascinating. I never watch documentaries. I usually watch cooking shows in Dutch or BBC, which spirals into to googling recipes, then I get hungry.  It is a vicious cycle.  One that I was avoiding last night.  Upon reflection, I have come to realise, that I watch a lot of cooking shows while eating in front of the TV, with cooking magizines sprawled around me, while I plan fictitious party menus.

WELL NO MORE. (for three month, 100 days, 14 weeks)

MY NEW PLAN IS: I am going to take all that time and energy looking at food and recipes and apply it hunting for the missing seven faberge eggs! I will subtract one obsession for another.  Faberge eggs are my new food!

As for the rest of yesterday: I did not cheat, I worked out, I ate healthy food and portions. Mt food focus for the day was cooking Pasta Alla Norma!  (photo attached) My tweaked version of the recipe. I was excited to cook with Aubergine (Eggplant).  If you want this fairly simple healthy recipe hit me back. It was delicious.

The true issue is portion size!  THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!

99 days to go.  Going out to look for non chocolate shiny eggs, covered in jewels..... and to buy more potent sleepy time tea.

Treat yourself well and eat something delicious for me!


  1. I would love your take on this! Tuesday is Noodle Night in our house.

  2. Where are your updates? You haven't fallen of the wagon already have you?? 🤔

  3. I don't remember how, but i stumbled across your blog years ago. Even though at some point you barely updated anymore, i kept it in my RSS feed in case you'd start updating again. Just wanna say you have a very gezellig and relatable way of writing. Good luck with your diet, i know how very real the struggle is. :)