Thursday, March 31, 2016

1 of 100

My Dutch depression update...... My Dutch depression comes and goes (I love Holland)..... but I have a new goal now and so I am changing the name of this blog! Here is why...........

It is 100 days till my 45th birthday and I am giving myself a very special gift and I want to share it with you but before I do......... please note the following:

Those of you who know me, and for those that do not, let me say....... I ADORE FOOD. It is my vice. I wake up thinking about it, dream about, love to talk about it, share it, taste it, buy it, cook it, read about it. It is my obsession. Some people drink, smoke, do drugs, compulsively clean..... I eat.

I am a baker. LIKE A BAKER as in CAREER! My partner and I own a baking company. A delicious, thriving, bakery filled with lovely looking delicacies, that smell of sweet heaven and cinnamon, with pounds of butter, and massive bowls of silky smooth creamy melted chocolate and......  cheesecakes, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, chocolate, sugar, cream........ You would think after  five years of working with these things that I might have developed a boredom with them, but no. Nope, Not for Ken. Not in the slightest. Everyday I taste our desserts and I just love them. Every....!  What the hell else am I going to do with broken desserts. Yes we eat them! (and yes we give them away too!) (but not before taking a bite or two for ourselves)

Despite all that........ My gift to myself is....... drum role....... a NEW BODY!

I am going to get in shape.  I am overweight (no comments please). I blame the desserts and Dutch depression but no matter who is to blame I am tired of feeling bad about being out of shape.

I am going to be a freaking baker on a diet....... ugh. The new blog name is A Baker on a diet (pure hell begins)

I know this will be a challenge and I may kill a few people or start a war.  I will try very hard to not hate our skinny dessert eating customers.

I plan to meditate, sleep (sedate myself if I have too), exercise, cut back and fight my way through this. Will you be my witness? Yes, this is a bit embarrassing and I do feel vulnerable in writing it but that is also motivation.

So the Baker is going on a diet........ Day 1 of 100....... March 31st, 2016...... Good morning.

First step.... time to tell Jur (my spouse).  He is going to be terrified. Keep you posted

It has been one hour.  I miss food and my stomach just gurgled.