Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Oscars America! ENJOY DAMMIT!

I am having one of the expat freak out, where am I, how can this be, I do not accept this, what the hell is going on moments...... I knew the Oscars were coming up and I KNOW they are not as big here but I thought certainly and one of the 4000 channels Ziggo (Dutch Cable Provider) provides (like the Arabic, or Krzykigstan or Maldovian networks) they might show it 

and I KNOW it is on at 2 in the morning but I was considering that I might be willing to stay up and watch.... 

so I got up this morning and saw on CNN the count down to the Oscars clock ticking away and I GOT ALL CAUGHT UP in the Oscar fever which for Ken... the ExPat in Holland.... means spending the first two hours of the morning flipping through the weird, slow ass digital guide on the tv which I am certain is always thirty minutes off then I have to keep subtracting 12 from 23 and 12 from 19 and 12 from 21:30 (to figure out the time) because the Oscars start at 5 in LA, which in New York is 8 but then there is the countdown to the red carpet, and the pre red carpet and then for some reason I seem to be having to add the 9 to the time to account for the time difference, I get so confused that I spill my coffee when I dropped the remote. SO then I start getting on the computer in a dismal attempt to google where (or how) in Holland one can watch the Oscar and I spending the next 20 minutes reading all about Holland Michigan and the wonders of life THERE! Who knew Holland Michigan was so active on the internet!!!!!!!!!!! Then I notice the Oscars are on one of the pay channels here .... CLEALRY I NEED TO SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL! But after rummaging through the Ziggo Cable Paperwork folder in an attempt to see if they provide a 24 hour English speaking telephone number which is open in Sunday (Yes I was desperate and becoming delusional) 

I was screwed. 

So now there is paper work everywhere, coffee thrown about, some weird Indian Bollywood Movie is on and I am not sure what has happened! 

I am looking throw old pictures of past Oscar parties I have been to or thrown in America and I am just so ANGRY I AM VERY TEMPTED TO SCREAM (and wake up Jur) (who has been sleeping through all of this and has no idea what he is about to wake up to).....  

Anyhow I may not be watching the Oscars and have been telling myself it is not that big of a deal.... but deep down CLEARLY IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you are all having a good Sunday and happy Oscars to all of America and the 41 million plus viewers that CNN claims will be watching..... :(

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  1. I will just download them in the morning and watch them :) That is, after avoiding the rest of the internet in case of spoilers!