Sunday, March 21, 2010

Easter and food Issues from Holland

It is Easter time and there are these damn Dutch Chocolate eggs everywhere. EVERYWHERE! Calling me. They are so pretty and they come in bags of 50 or 100. They are wrapped in pretty foil, with bright pastel colors, glimmering and inviting. They call to me I tell you. I want them. I need them. They are near the entrance of every store now. I keep tell myself that I will buy them and put them out for decoration, in the spirit of spring, in a pretty bowl and only allow myself one a day...... I cannot express to you my shame the other day when I woke up at 3 in the morning on the couch covered in little pastel foil wrappers and an empty bowl on the floor. What happened? I am not even sure.....I am in denial of the whole "incident"

On a good note....which could (or should you would think) (but hasn't yet) help me lose weight is that I think I am kind of over mayonnaise and french fries... the Dutch LOVE their fries with Mayo. Sometimes it is my only option but recently I have found two pimples and my face which has not happened since high school and I am certain it is because of this Dutch Mayo-Fry combo thing. My poor skin is freaking out. So this week I have been cutting back on the mayo and fries. I will let you know if this helps.

Now as Easter approaches my Amercianess is kicking in. I seem to be developing a desperate need for Reese’s Peanut Butter eggs. Real bad. I got it real bad ya'll. And Mounds eggs and Cadbury eggs (which are English right?) Maybe a ROADTRIP to England! NO! I can't do that. Jur might divorce me if I explained that I needed to go to England to get Cadbury chocolate eggs. He is still a bit "disturbed" about the 3 am couch, chocolate, covered in foils "incident". I guess I forgot to tell ya'll that he was the one that found me and apparently it may not have occurred only on the couch because we are finding foils in weird places. It may be possible that I have been eating them and unconsciously discarding the evidence. I blame the cats who like to play with them when they are on the floor but that does not explain how some of the foils ended up in a pile behind the books on the bookshelf.

I wonder if chocolate causes acne. Maybe it is not the mayo and fries.

To make matters worse I am still doing the cupcakes! 4 dozen going out this week. And I feel it is my obligation to taste them. Right? RIGHT?!?

Okay so I am going to take drastic measures......I guess I will be joining a gym. After all I might have to swim at some point this summer.

OH ....AND I am officially announcing that the "mediate myself into weight loss diet plan" does NOT work! The plan was I would lie down and visualize the calories burning away. I would visualize the svelte me. Lay and mediate the pounds away.......well all I would end up doing was falling asleep and then waking up groggy and needing a little wake me up nibble of something to perk me up. It was rather depressing and did more damage than good.

So I plan to join a gym. Eat less fries and mayo, cut back on chocolate (after Easter of course) and then I will be happy! Right? RIGHT?!?

I'll keep you posted. Happy Easter ya'll. Enjoy spring and life and Chocolate. Life is short!

P.S. You all know my grape jelly issues right?....Could someone back in the States please contact Welch’s and ask them why they would design a squeeze bottle that leaves a big blob of my cherished grape jelly at the bottom of the bottle that no matter how hard you bang it will not drop down and you cannot get a knife to reach down there to get it out and when you do try to get the damn blob out (because you are desperate for jelly) with the knife it falls in and when you try to get the knife out your fingers and the knife get covered in sticky grape jelly and you become very frustrated and end up looking like a pathetic junkie licking your fingers and the knife over the kitchen sink...... (This along with the 3 am chocolate foil couch incident were not my finest moments)....Ugghhhh Why is there no grape jelly in Holland?


  1. Get some good scissors and just cut the jelly bottle open enough to get to the last drops of nectar. ;) I've been surprisingly resistant to the siren song of the little chocolate eggs, of course I've been giving in to the siren song of some creme-filled wafer cookies and chocolate-covered instead. Thank goodness I'm not quite close enough to Den Haag or I would be buying way too many of those lovely cupcakes from you!

  2. Ken,
    send me your address and i will find a way to send you a box of Welch's grape jelly.
    mary (rhame)

  3. Fortunately the foil wrappers on those Easter eggs are tricky to get off...requiring so much physical effort that you actually burn calories before you eat them.

    xx Sara

  4. Ken, my parents are coming in May. Do you need more grape jelly? :)

    Ah, the eggs. Yes, damn them I say! I have to close my eyes! But aren't they GOOD? Especially the little truffle ones...

  5. I always miss grape jelly too! Can you cut the bottom off with scissors?

  6. BTW I was at the candy store, JAMIN here in Limburg and they had the Cadbury eggs! RIGHT at the checkout!

  7. You all are great. Mary I wish you could but it is expensive to ship here. Alas I think I will have to wit for jelly. I know we will be together again one day. Laura thank for the Cadbury tip...I am on the hunt now! To everyone who suggested cutting the tip...I decided that was too desperate so with dignity (and sticky fingers) and bravely threw it away. I can handle this. Sara the foils do not deter me. I have mastered unwrapping those delicious devilish chocolate eggs! And I have not (like so many of you who are stronger than me here in Holland) have not bought anymore eggs. I am resisting!

  8. You need a FLESSENLIKKER! My husband introduced it to me back when I had the same problem with a squeezy bottle of hot fudge. It's like a tiny spatula on a long stick and you can get anything out of anywhere, I swear!