Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dutch Government Collapse report and revolution cupcake special

Okay here is how it is going down. Apparently, yesterday there was a major Dutch Government conflict and a possible collapse of the ruling party. It was all over the news. It was about whether the Dutch should keep sending troops to Afghanistan and comply with NATO or keep a promise to pull out. Crowds were gathering. News crews everywhere. It was going on until two in the morning. AND ALL RIGHT DOWN THE STREET!

(living near the center of the Hague is very eventful! This is bigger than they day the Queen came by in her carriage. Which I missed and am still VERY upset about)

Then it hit me. This is the perfect opportunity to promote my American Cupcakes.

"Jur, we need to get out there and sell my cupcakes!"

I had it all planed out. We can make them patriotic with red, white and blue icing (the Dutch flag colors). We can print off a bunch a flyers! We will have a revolution cupcake special. Two min-cupcakes for the price one Euro.

Possible chants:

Eat cupcakes not war!

Sorry about the government collapse...cupcake?

Democracy cupcake special. Two for one!

Revolutionary Cupcakes! One time only!

We can make signs too! What I need is exposure and there are news crews everywhere! In fact if you happened to have caught the Dutch channel NOS news report at 8:00 a.m. I think you would have quickly seen my H&H Cupcake (Hardy & Hoorn) poster sign pop up on the lower right hand of the screen behind the reporter standing in front of the Parliament building but then I got pushed by the crowd.  I tried so hard to get near the BBC and CNN reporters but they are prime spots and heavily guarded. That is okay I am not really ready to go International.

There are more protests planned near by today. Lot's of baking to do. I will keep you posted. This is my first government coup, collapse, over throw or whatever. It is all very exciting!

Politics and pastries.....what a combination!


  1. Apparently now they are saying the government did not collapse it dissolved. Still all very eventful

  2. It is kind of exciting, isn't it, from an American perspective. Our governments just don't dissolve or collapse, even if sometimes we might have vague dreams that they would.

  3. Not having any experience with Dutch politics, I'm not sure I understand what is meant by the government "collapsing" or "dissolving".

  4. i wonder if this has more to do with there financial situation

  5. Sorry was out buying flour. Since MOST of you commented on the Political event and NOT my amazing cupcakes I will share what I have learned about the change in Government here. First off yes it is exciting and interesting to see the government issue from an American perspective. Smooth and easy change has come which is quite different to the States it seems. As far as I can decipher it is not economic related. From what I gather it seems that Holland, Germany anf France are actually doing okay (for the most part) financially (not true for all the EU) From what I gather they say the Government dissolved becuase there has been a 3 party coalition that was ruling the governement here. Within that coalition they were divided about soliders in Afganistan. So they could not resolve it they "dissolved" their ccoalition thus ending their ruling the Parliament. I guess the best way I could describe it is asif the Republicans were the majority in the US government and THEY got to chose the President and they broke up their own party (God willing!) then a new majority would have to take over. To say the Dutch government collapsed would mean it all fell apart, financially, legally and structurally. That did not happen. So it is not the major of a deal. The amazing thing is that the new elections could be in less than 3 months! Amazing, no over campaining for a year and spending 100's of millions. I like that. What I do not like is that most of you commented on Dutch politics and not the delicous and imporatn H&H cupcakes! :)

  6. The Cupcakes look fantastic Ken! It's like pulling teeth trying to get a little compliment isn't it!
    "Sorry about the collapse of the government.... cupcake?" made me L out loud!!!

  7. I've been here 8 years and this is the 3d or 4th time the government has collapsed...yes.

    I want to come to Den Haag and eat cupcakes with you. Then wash them down with a stiff drink?

  8. Cupcakes make everything better...

    (Eve here, BTW)

    But why is there a Sarah Palin ad showing up on your blog? Oy!

  9. I would love a cupcake and a stiif drink sometime soon hopefully and and EVE....Sarah Palin? Not my fault! I do not get to control whaqt ads always pop up but when i checked she was gone.

  10. Ken, your cupcakes look delish. Oh and about the government and all that, who cares, right? They have so many political parties in that little pin-prick of a country, it's about time they get rid of three of them and make some room for the other nine.

    Who needs politics when you can have small caked goodness?... I think that'll be my campaign slogan when I run for official ruler of the universe.

    ...notice I didn't make a single comment to John about "pulling teeth?" SEE! I'm getting better. I didn't even hit a child today. :)