Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dutch Provisions Dwindling...

Holland Winter Diary Day One....Holland cold. Snowed again last night. Dark early. Too cold to take a shower. I shiver. Slowly I have began to wear only black. The cats have taken to sleeping under heaters. To difficult to go to store for bread and milk. Provisions running low.

Holland Winter Diary Day Two....Holland still cold. Outside birds cold too. Want to feed them but hate opening door to throw the seeds out to cold. Cats seemed depressed. Especially Marvin. Provisions still low but ran to corner Winkel bought cookies. Ate with last of milk. Made me cold. Took shower. Jur happy.

Holland Winter Diary Day Three.... Holland cold and more snow. Dutch say rare weather. I think they lie to me. They are out to break me. They all lie. Possible winter paranoia. Fingers get numb if outside. Even with gloves. Still wear black. Broke down and ate Stove Top stuffing I brought from America for a special occasion. Hoped it make me happy. Sad it is gone. Eyeing my bag of Nestle Chocolate Chips. Must be strong.

Holland Winter Diary Day four....Had to go out. Meet Jur family at restaurant. Walked there. I was scared. Snow and sleet. Hands hurt. Runny nose. Wet. First time in life I EVER saw women wearing Burkas and was jealous. They looked warm.

Holland Winter Diary Day Five....Sun came out. Looked from window. It was pretty. Marvin seems to have winter kitty dementia. He looks like Jack Nicholson from Shinning. Worry he might try to kill us at night. Give him lots of kitty treats. Jur went to store we have peanut butter and bread now.

Holland Winter Diary Day Six....Cold. Power went out for a time. Peanut Butter all gone. Still cold. Jur and I fight over blankets. Feel a draft by front door. Spend much time regretting not having canned goods. Looking at pictures of Tahiti. Hope keep correspondence up.

Holland Winter Diary 7- Cold - only plant in kitchen dead - pretend alive - talk to self often - chocolate chips gone- dreamt I running outside. keep hope correspondence up - SOS


  1. I'd leave a comment, but I'm under too many layers of blankets and scarves.

  2. come back to America Ken! America misses you:)

  3. Must remember, shiver! Not second class citizen here, shiver! No Fox news, shiver. Repeat to fade.....
    (Get a hot water bottle kid, I'm thinking of having a civil ceremony with mine. Trust me!) Spring is round the corner and it will all be worth it.

  4. Sun is out today! Spring is coming! Hang on! ;)

  5. It really is weird winter weather this season! I promise it's not normally this bad (although it was almost this bad last year....). Other than the past 2 winter seasons, winter has been pretty darn tame in this country for the 8 yrs I've been here!

  6. Hi Ken,
    Go to Blokker or Kijkshop and buy a " electrische deken" is like having Hawaii under the blankets. After that watch march of the penguins and you feel better as they have to live without a "electrische deken". Put on some
    Buena Vista Social Club and gone is the winter Blues.


  7. Ken, I feel your pain. This winter is affecting me in the worst way. We're having another snow storm tonight that's suppose to last for 3 days. I'm completely over it.

    The only thing that's kept me from jumping out of a window has been the trips down to Miami. This weekend is Palm Springs. Screw the beach, I need desert heat!!!

    Btw, I've been swammped at work lately so I hadn't read your posts in awhile but I'm back and ready to read!!

    I'm sure John has missed me. Kisses John!